Russ Jay


DJ, musician, producer, live act and collaborator – Russ Jay is a genuine musical polymath and as such, his studio productions and live DJ sets are imbued with a real sense of craftsmanship. It’s this single minded approach and meticulous attention to detail that marks him apart from his peers and shines through in everything he does.

His formative years were spent fledging his nascent musical talents in the creative nether world of London’s ever evolving dance music underground, a scene rich in dj and club culture innovation as well as history championed by his feted father, the illustrious Norman Jay MBE

Like his famous dad before him, he too started to ‘dig the crates’ as soon as he could walk and by the age of 12 had secured his first ever dj spot, debuting on West London’s cult pirate radio station, Marie FM playing and championing what was then considered the ‘new’ sound of young London, Jungle and Drum ‘n’ Bass. Yet it was his love of US hip -hop and Nu Jack Swing, music he prodigiously championed with crowd pleasing warm up sets on his father’s much vaunted Good Times Sound System in the mid 90s that truly set him apart from his contemporaries.